About The Matt Tynan Foundation

The Matt Tynan Foundation was founded out of tragedy. But with tragedy comes hope as his foundation offers scholarships to Montana high school golfers. Sadly, Matt was killed on January 26, 2023 in a car accident while celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife Jen. 

Matt moved to Big Sky Montana in 1994 after graduating from Colorado State University with the intention of skiing everyday. He found a wonderful community in Big Sky that included skiing in the winter and being a raft guide in the summer. He met the love of his life Jennifer Horsley in Big Sky and after becoming engaged, he moved to Missoula to support her and the start of Habitat Floral Studio. After a few years, he was hired as a seasonal driver with FedEx and became a permanent employee in early 2012. 
Testimonials "He just had that presence. He was just that kind of a person that you couldn’t hate the guy if you wanted to. You know he was just that kind of a person that everyone wanted to be around and enjoyed to be around."
Kelly Pederson
friend and co-worker of Matt.
Matt loved to golf and made sure to take advantage of the short Montana summer to golf as often as possible. Good thing there are indoor simulators for those colder months! 
To honor Matt’s love of golf, the Matt Tynan Foundation has a yearly Golf Scramble with the proceeds going to two scholarships: one each for a young woman and young man. 
Your support participating in the Scramble or with donations help us support these scholarships. Thank you.”
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